Dr. Contraptus, the TV show: Parents

Leonard_serie_tv_LEO_res01Dr. Contraptus, from comic books to his own animated TV show!
Inspired by the Dr. Contraptus comic books created by Turk and De Groot, Dr. Contraptus is a French TV show animated in 3D. After starring in 40 comic books, the genius inventor has finally made it to the small screen where he can share his adventures with the whole family. The stories, the humor and the charisma of the characters mean the Dr. Contraptus show is appropriate for a wide public, including viewers as young as 5.

What is the show all about?

The Dr. Contraptus show tells the tales of a wacky genius who lives only to invent, create and improve the daily life of those around him. Dr. Contraptus never tires of trying out all the ideas whizzing about in his head and invents a vacuum cleaner, super hero powers, a lawnmower, and even a fireman’s truck.

Dr. Contraptus has an assistant to help him with his work: Basil. He is devoted to science and to his master, but has the annoying habit of preferring his bed to experiments down in the lab. The hyperactive genius and the sleepy disciple form an explosive duo who get themselves into the funniest situations. Matilda, Dr. Contraptus’ cook, adds a little spice to their adventures and brings a feminine touch to the show.

Apart from the humor and the gags which are typical of Dr. Contraptus, the 78 episodes which make up the show are followed by an educational clip called ‘Did you know?’. On the web-site, children can watch these clips independently from the Dr. Contraptus show, in the section entitled ‘The Lab’.
Each video is presented by a character who teaches the children how an object or an invention evolved over time.

Leonard_serie_tv_line up

Site contents
On this site, your children will be able to learn more about Dr. Contraptus, his friends and his home. They can read the episode summaries and watch video clips from all 78 episodes of the show.
In the section entitled ‘The Lab’, they can watch the educational clips at the end of each episode of the show. They can also play with the pageLeonard_serie_tv_Basile_doigt Leonard_serie_tv_Basile_doigt which describes a few easy and fun little scientific experiments they can try out. Warning! These experiments must be carried out under adult supervision.

The Dr. Contraptus web-site also has a few more surprises in store. Your children can choose wallpaper for their computers, print out coloring activities, or visit the village where Dr. Contraptus lives in 3D. They can also play at non-violent games which feature Dr. Contraptus and his friends.

There are even more things to see and do in other sections of the site.

Content security
Your children can browse Dr. Contraptus’ web-site safely. The texts and the videos presented in each section are never explicit in nature.

Adult supervision is strongly recommended for the experiments described in the section ‘The Lab’.

Practical information about the site
– Display issues :
If the videos, the games and any other elements of the site fail to appear when you enter, it could be that your browser doesn’t have a flash player. Your browser will ask if you want to install one. This is recommended for full enjoyment of this site.

- Finding your way around:
Browse through the different sections of the site by clicking on the buttons situated at the top of your screen.
To go back at any time, click on the ‘Back’ button.

- Videos:
To start a video, click in the middle of the video player.

- Games:
Click on the game icons to get them started. To play, use your keyboard arrows or the mouse.