Dr. Contraptus: The TV Show


In 2010, Dr. Contraptus will celebrate 35 years of success. After starring in a total of 40 comic books, he is about to come alive in 3D. Dr. Contraptus, Basil, Matilda, Roland, Betty and the others will all take shape in this explosive 78-episode TV show. The show is faithful to the feel of the comic strip, but offers Dr. Contraptus a new 3D arena where he can experiment with his brilliant inventions.

Following on from the success of Miss BG, ELLIPSANIME has decided to produce Dr. Contraptus, a new 3D-animated show of 78 x 8 minute episodes. Who better than a brilliant inventor like him could benefit from the latest 3D cartoon tools developed by ELLIPSANIME? Using high definition 3D, warping and innovative camera angles, Dr. Contraptus’ gags have never been so well illustrated.

In ELLIPSANIME’s Paris studios around a hundred people have been working on Dr. Contraptus in order to give the white-bearded inventor free reign to torture his apprentice. ELLIPSANIME also worked closely with Turk and De Groot to ensure the spirit of the show is accurately represented.

To find out more about the 3D-animated Dr. Contraptus show, check out the character pages, the videos from backstage at the cartoon production studio, and take a walk around the set.

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